Report of a completed construction works on 31/01/2014

The third storey of the building structure has been erected. The fourth storey floor has been concreted. The work on concrete casting of main staircases has been started. The resolution on the building interior facade finishing has been approved.

All works are performed under strict control of Riga City Building Directorate. No complaints or observations have been made, neither any defects have been found in the work.

 The performed reinforced concrete work quality complies with European building standards (LVS EN 1990). 

Report of a completed construction works on 28/02/2014

The 5th floor ground concrete casting preparation work has been finished in the building. Sanitation external network connection work has been completed; the furnace installation work has been finished. The external block-work is in progress on the ground, first and second floors.

Report of completed construction works on 31/03/2014

The work on the construction of the 5th and 6th floors of the building has been finished; the 5th floor ground concrete has been cast. The work on the building separation walls is in progress on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the building. The main transformer substation is being installed. The material for the outer finishing of the building façades and halls has been approved – Italian decorative plaster ARMOURCOAT, a natural material with added marble chips. The decorative covering has several advantages – it is shockproof and wear-resistant, completely seamless and allows implementing a multitude of architectural solutions.

Report of a completed construction works on 30/14/2014

The last – 8th floor floor – is ready in the building. In the short run, constructors will start roofing works.On the floors 6 and 7 of the building, works on laying of separation walls are in progress. Works on arrangement of the building internal networks have been started: water supply, sewerage, electricity and ventilation. Assembly works of bearing structures have been started for façade glazing. Touchstone for the façade of the 1st floor and marble for the interior of the building staircases has been approved and ordered.

Report of a completed construction works on 31/05/2014

The neighbouring building courtyard façade has been renovated. The main entrance gate into the building is being plated with black marble. The front façade installation and structural façade glazing works are in progress.

The builders have started one of the most important phases of the building erection – roofing. The work of panelling balconies with granite has begun, and the installation of wood windows and the internal façade heat insulation works are continuing.

On 28 June, Tal Residence had the Ridgepole Celebrations

According to the Latvian tradition, the Ridgepole Celebrations honour finishing an important building stage when the building frame erection work is completed and ridgepoles are placed.

A wreath is hung on the highest point of the house, acknowledging good mutual relations between the owners and the builders. The owners, on their turn, lay a festive table as a demonstration of their gratitude to the builders.

In festive atmosphere, Alexey Zagrebelny, Chairman of the Board of R.Evolution City, addressed the guests and thanked the company LX Grupa builders and the project architect Ingurs Lazdins for the high quality work performance.

Report of completed construction works on 30.07.2014

The main building façade structural glazing works, roofing and VELUX window installation on the roof are in progress.

Installation of all pipelines and networks is finishing: water supply, ventilation, heating, sewerage. An agreement on supplying the building with power on continuing basis is at the signing stage.

Marble laying on the building main hall walls has been started.

Report of completed construction works on 30.09.2014

One of the main stages of construction is finally completed – structural glazing of building’s main bay windows.

Roofing works and installation of windows in the building are fully completed.

Installation of heaters is finished and preparation for connection of the building to constant heating is in progress.

Main chiller for running the conditioning system and diesel generator for independent backup power supply were installed.

Installation of two elevators is in progress.

Report of completed construction works on 31.10.2014

The building has been connected to permanent heat supply.

Glass railing installed on the interior facade of the building. 

Ongoing improvement of the court and laying of granite blocks.

Ongoing grouting of the underground parking area floors and installation of the interior partitions in the apartments.

Report of completed construction works on 31.12.2014

In the building, all basic construction works are completed, all utility networks are installed, the building is connected to constant heating, facade glazing and floor filling of the underground parking works are completed.

Internal refinement works are conduced, as well as marble laying in the hall and on the stairs. Preparation works for installation of the main apartment doors are conduced. 

In the courtyard, the works on landscaping and installation of granite paving stones continue.

In the internal premises, cascade measurements are conduced and by the end of January the inventory file of the building will be prepared.

In the near future, the building is being prepared to host the state commission of the Riga City Building Construction Directorate for the commissioning of the object.

Tal Residence pictures from 28.02.2015

Tal Residence pictures from 29.05.2015.